The Woodland Way

Our Family Adventure Shared With You!


We are your typical family of four (Me, The Wife, and The Kids) looking to make a few major life changes. Like a lot of people in our modern fast paced world we are looking for a simpler way to live, looking to escape the rat race if you will. Our starting point is Colorado Springs and it’s population of 500,000 or so which has become way to busy for us. The first step to begin this family transformation is obvious, Move To The Mountains! So that’s it, that is how we are starting. Both me and the wife have always been DIY’ers, it’s just our way of life. Our goal originally was to live “off grid” so to speak but then we got real. Although we love the thought of living off grid we also love creature comforts and aren’t really willing to give all of them up just yet. And we don’t think it is fair to our two daughters to take away the opportunity of a “normal” childhood! So, our new goal is to live a semi self sufficient/kinda homesteading type of life. We have picked a town of 8,000 which seems to be more our speed. Small enough to become a local but big enough to go to the grocery store if necessary. We will also not have to worry about electricity or modern day plumbing! So the question remains, can we find enough ways to substitute mainstream society to be self sufficient while maintaining what would be considered a normal way of life? I don’t know, but we are going to find out! Our hope is that we make some great friends along the way while entertaining, educating, and inspiring people who are also looking for a different way of life. Welcome to our family!