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Almost gave in to temptation a few hours ago. The ducks and chickens were on clearance today.

We are completely unprepared at this point and will probably have to wait until next year. Arrrggh! Another year of buying eggs. We have decided to make the greenhouse a priority over chickens. We will be building a semi underground greenhouse with the hopes of being able to grow thru the winter using some natural thermal heat. Not sure if it is possible without an actual man made heat source but we are going to find out. Stay tuned, green house project to start shortly. 
We did put in a pine straw path over the weekend. Needed to do something with the years and years of pine needles that have accumulated. Pine Straw is excellent for mulch if you are not sure what to do with it. It allows the water to filter thru so it doesn’t get all muddy and nasty but at the same time prevents anything from growing up. Since we have a pretty much unlimited supply of pine needles we are using them as much as we can. If you have dogs a border or an edge of some sort seems to be a must. Our dogs were convinced we were putting all of the pine needles in a path just for them to run thru and spread back out. The rocks put an end to that in a hurry. The pine needles also make the soil acidic which helps for some of the things we will be growing (think spuds). Remember, the more resources you can use the less reliant you are.