Well I guess it’s time to get to work! One of the big ways we plan on helping replace part of our income is by making and selling DIY stuff on Etsy. At the end of last year I was on track to making an additional $500 per month or so off of our Etsy store, but I also had a nice big garage to work in. At our new home there is no garage space available for a workshop, but there is a 10 x 12 new Tuff Shed out back. Okay, I can make this work! Really the only thing I care about in my shop is function. Function, function, function! I do not care how pretty it is or how nice it is I care about how efficient it is and how well it works for me. The best starting place for me was to start with a general layout in my head and just start working on a project. You will generally find out pretty quickly where things should go and why when you are in the midst of actually working on a project. I kept it very simple building out my shed with nothing other than 2 x 4 studs for shelves. Anytime I needed something I would put up another 2 x 4 and put it away when I was done. I am 100% positive it will evolve and change the more I work in it until it is exactly the way it should be.