We love and see the value of handmade gifts for Christmas. Every year we make a few things (not everything) for different family members instead of 100% store bought gifts. This helps keep our expenses down and we also feel like the lucky recipient enjoys a handmade/homemade present. I don’t really know if they enjoy it or not but we enjoy making them so they can just deal with it. This year one of the gifts I decided to make was a passive amplifier or a “natural speaker” for an iPhone. I was really surprised at how well it worked. No wires or electronics, just some wood and good old natural harmonics. There are tons of different DIY cellphone speaker ideas from any search engine of your choice. If you are handy I would highly recommend this project. I used 1/2 inch plywood and then finished the front 2 pieces with a Java stain and left the back piece natural using only some boiled linseed oil to protect it. Hopefully the lucky family member will enjoy it! Here is a video of the passive amp in action so you can get an idea of the sound difference. Just as a side note, I played around with a lot of different ideas for this project. The ones that had the best sound amplification and tone was a ceramic mixing bowl. I decided to go this route instead. I do not think it would go over so well if I gave my father in law a mixing bowl for Christmas!